Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Did It, My First Book Trailer, For Dare To Believe.

Why did I suffer through the maddness to create a book trailer?

To intice you to go find the book, read the excerpt and hopefully buy the book.


To give you a visual glimpse of one major beat of the story.

Writers write with images in their heads, be they novelist or screenwriter.  I'm both.

Frankly, I thought it would be easier than it was.  Finding the right beat to covey the messge was much harder than I thought.

I put my efforts in front of produced film makers time and time again, and finally hit on something that made chills run up their arms and down their spines.

So here it is. 

Will I do another?  You bet.

As I said, I'm a screenwriter as well as novelist and it fills an interesting part of that life. I write on paper, and the trailer can make a bit of it come to life, give visual emotion. 

AND later this month, I'm excited to bring you Vicky Koch, aka the brillant Sophia Knightly, Samhaim and Indie author, as we talk book trailer making.
Pros, cons, whys and why nots. Is it for you?

Stay tuned, and I hope my Dare To Believe trailer conveyed a bit of the emotion of the story to you.


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