Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Series! Sandy Success Stories

Hi all,
As most of you know, I started The Sandy writing contest for the Crested Butte Writers seven years ago.  Since then, a great many of my finalists have gone on to publication.  I am very proud of these talented people and thought it'd be fun to highlight them in a series of blogs, so keep your eye out for these Sandy Success Story Profiles.

Happy March!



Donnell Ann Bell said...

Can't wait to read, T. Thanks!

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

That's a great idea, T.


Gjillian said...

Great blog!

I do more research than I could possibly ever use. I find that if I don't incorporate enough detail, the story can feel thin. Sometimes I'm writing along and I come to a place where I need to know more about a procedure and I go look it up. (This always seems to happen close to deadline!) I only use a sentence or two from the research, but I'm nearly always pleased with the depth it adds to the story.