Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Congratulations to The Sandy Finalists!

I helped start this contest seven years ago for the Crested Butte Writers group and I'm proud to announce this year's The Sandy finalists.  These writers work very hard at their craft and it shows. I see The Sandy is my chance to play matchmaker--to introduce these skilled authors to agents and editors who can help take them to the next level in their career.  Here's to the finalists.  

And to all who did not final, we'll be returning your scoresheets shortly and hopefully you got some valuable feedback to aid you on your journey. Keep writing!

Congratulations to the
2013 Sandy Writing Contest Winners!

Mainstream Adult Fiction
Final Judge, Millicent Bennett, Sr Editor Free Press (Simon & Schuster)

Sandy Fails (CO) —Midnight Owl
Charis Himeda (MA) –- The Shape of a Kiss
Cindy Christian Rogers (MN) – Rogue Wave: A Redemption Story

Final judge, Katherine Pelz, Assistant Editor Berkley

Sandra Kerns (CO) – Rehabilitating the Lion
Steven Moores (CO) -- Cherub’s Play (tie)
Rebecca Waring (Australia) -- The Promise (tie)
Elysia Whisler (VA) -- A Rock That Burns

Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Final judge, Amanda Ng, Assistant Editor Berkley

Robyn Brammer (WA) – A Cloudy Return (tie)
Nicole Greene (CO)—Blood of the Taurus Ring (tie)
Stephen Merlino (WA) –The Jack of Souls
Joel Quevillon (CO) --- The Color of Gothic

Thriller/ Suspense / Mystery
Final Judge, Carlie Webber, Agent at CK Webber Associates

Denise Enos (FL) --- New Smyrna Swing
Annie Hogsett (OH)—Somebody’s Bound to Wind up Dead
Vanessa Lillie (RI)—The Lyneage

Children / Young Adult
Final judge, Christian Trimmer, Sr Editor at Simon & Schuster for Young Readers

Katrina Grigg-Saito (MA)—Otemba (tie)
Jedeane Macdonald (CO) –Nobody’s Home
Steven Moores (CO) – Matthew Cross & The Dragon’s Tear
Carrie Spencer (IA)—Captain Fanny Pack (tie)
Stephanie Tatalias (AK) – Unigoat (tie)


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Thanks so much, Theresa!

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