Monday, September 9, 2013

The Scribes Get Some Love from Blogger, The Book Maven

How cool is this?  A wonderful Blogger, The Book Maven, reviewed my debut women fiction release, He Belongs to me on Sept 6, and then Leslie's romantic suspense, Stone of Heaven, directly after mine!  Total coincidence.  She couldn't possibly know we're both Scribes. Happily, it seems she enjoyed our stories. Just had to share.  Have you guys been experiencing coincidences lately?

Here's what she had to say about He Belongs to Me:

He Belongs to Me begins with Catherine graduating from Stanford and excited to be reunited with her son her parents have been taking care of since she went to college.  Only when her son is expected to stay the plans have changed and Catherine realizes the custody she allowed wasn’t just temporary it was permanent and if she didn’t move back home she’d lose her son forever. In an attempt to try to fight for her son she devises a plan to reconcile with her estranged husband, Thomas.  But, after four and half long years and tragedy they find it challenging to reconnect and try to be together even if its only for show.  Though at first it may be a show things begin to sew back together between Catherine and Thomas.  The only problem is after all this struggle and fight to get their son back it may destroy their new connection and lose what they want the most…their family back together.
This was such a wonderfully emotional read.  I really enjoyed the present day story but also the flashbacks to explain some of the damage that has been done.   Theresa Rizzo draws you into Catherine and Thomas’ struggles. You really feel like you are with them when they are in court when they must watch every little thing they do in their lives.  But, what I thought was most wonderfully done is the biggest twist in the trial.  I won’t spoil it by saying but just to tell you this you definitely won’t see it coming.  There are definitely tears and smiles throughout this book.  I guarantee you that you will love this story and the characters along with it.  You will root for Catherine and Thomas from page one but there will be times when you wonder if it is all for naught.  Overall, I would whole-heartedly recommend this book and tell you to have a box of tissues nearby.

Tori Carswell is a self-imposed recluse.  She lives on a train and designs jewelry for the rich and famous.  It’s her sister Abby who risk taker and adventure seeker.  But, when during a hunt for a fabled stone Abby is taken by immortals who are trying to resurrect their God.  When Tori can’t locate Abby she begins the hunt herself.  Though woefully under prepared her duty to her twin sister is bottomless.  When she runs into the treasure hunter Reid Hunter she knows she should stay far away.  His reputation has preceded him and all she knows is she has to watch her back with him.  The problem is that when they work together a chemistry and heat build between them that they cannot deny.  Though Tori is falling for Reid can Reid love Tori back more than his love of treasures.?
I really enjoyed this adventure story.  I thought is was a quick paced read that leaves you wanting another.  So much treasure, so little time.  The characters of Tori and Reid really had wonderful chemistry.  It builds as a good story does.  The story went much farther than I expected and took you on a lot of different journeys.  Overall, this was a great adventure story with a dash of love and romance.  I can understand why Tori falls for Reid he’s a total hottie!
Happy to share this blog site with my pal, Leslie.  So, any coincidences you've experienced lately or is it just me the cosmos is playing with?


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Wow, that is so cool.
This is what The Book Maven said to start off the review:

Happy Monday morning! Today we have Stone of Heaven by L.A Sartor. It’s a wonderful book to start off your week. It’s an adventure book that would keep you from dreading your job as much. This is a great romantic adventure book that keeps you just a bit paranoid to keep you emotionally tied to the book. Be sure to check out my review after the book blurb.

Thanks T, for posting this, how much fun is synchronicity?


bookmaven623 said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Both books were awesome! I'm glad you guys gave me a chance to review them.

The Book Maven :)

Lisa Potocar said...

Congratulations on the wonderfully written reviews, Theresa and Leslie Ann! I'm so glad to be affiliated with ya--LOL!!!!

Thanks, Book Maven, for your willingness to write such thorough reviews--we authors so appreciate that. Any chance you'd review my book too? LOL!!!!!

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Awesome. Both books are terrific!