Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Word and What It Can Do For You

Happy New Year. 
Yes, we are day or so into the year, but hey, it's still pretty brand spanking new.

As I was guest hosting with Audra Harders on the wildly popular Seekerville blog yesterday--once at 10am and again at Midnight--I realized that the One Word challenge they use is pretty cool. It was really interesting to see what people had chosen.

The idea is to pick the One Word that encapsulates what you want or need to happen this year.  Be it with in your faith, writing or life.

So as the clock was ticking down, I thought and ruminated and stressed, then picked mine. 

Last year it was SIMPLIFY, this year it's PACE. 

I've been pushing hard and it's been taking a toll, slowly accumulating stress, which I. DO. NOT. WANT!

I knew simplify would take more than a year of practicing. Throwing away, putting away, organizing.  And the task continues. 

But pacing myself better not take a year to become a habit. I liken it to a training regime for an athlete; constant and with gains each work out.

I want to publish at least two books a year and work on my screenwriting, and create a new cozy mystery series.

But I also want to relearn the piano, learn the intricacies of my camera and studio software.  And travel is in the picture as well. I have to be healthy to travel...and of course that includes exercise and eating balanced meals.  (Does that exclude wine?)

So yep, PACE is my One Word. It's the only way I'm going to do all the things I want to do and not stress out and be sick.  Stress is a killer.

Tell me your One Word.  Maybe I'll make a list and we can start a tradition here at Five Scribes.

Here's to a healthy, happy, and successful new year. 

Now  go practice your One Word.


Christina Rich said...

I really like Seeker's One Word tradition. I'd never heard of it before them and I always refused to make resolutions since I always broke them.

Last year my word was surge. I wanted to surge into my faith and surge into my writing career.

This year it is focus. I left my list at Seekerville, but what it boils down to is focusing on following God's direction.

Thank you for hosting, it was fun.

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Wow, I love this, and sorry I missed your Seekerville blog, L.A. Pace is a wonderful word for 2014. My word for 2014 is persist. In all areas, writing, homelife, and faith. It's so easy to shutdown and give up. Therefore, my word for 2014 is "Persist."

Bess Gilmartin said...

What an awesome idea! I've never had much luck with resolutions either, but I think I can rock the one word thing. So, here goes: PUSH!

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I know, it's fun, and it's something you can post on your wall and let it mean what it needs to mean.

Keep them coming. Share the post with your buddies.